Pokemon Unite ROM Download For Nintendo Switch Emulator

Pokemon Unite ROM download for Nintendo Switch emulator named YUZU to play this game on Windows PC. We are providing a direct download link to this game. You just need a Nintendo Switch emulator and ROM file which are provided below. The USA English version of the New Pokemon Unite ROM is provided in this post. It is developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by The Pokemon Company and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch video game console. It was first announced on 24 June 2020 and released worldwide on 21 July 2021, in all key regions. You can download the ROM file of this game as well as the Nintendo Switch emulator using the below download link & play on your PC.


Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena game, with standard matches consisting of two teams of five players. Each match is time-limited, and the team with the highest total score by the end of each match wins. We can choose from multiple Pokemon, each with different roles. The story begins on Aeos Island, where a force conveniently named Aeos energy is gathered in high concentration. Phorus, a professor that appears and informs us that Unite Battles of the 5v5 is good for energy. Each player starts a match controlling weak Pokemon. The Pokemon may become stronger and gain access to new combat skills by capturing wild Pokemon, hitting wild Pokemon that their teammate captures or knocking out an enemy Pokemon.

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pokemon unite screenshot

Download Pokemon Unite ROM For Nintendo Switch Emulator

Players score points for their team by defeating non-player character wild Pokemon and moving towards one of the control points. However, if the player gets hit by an attack while scoring, they will be interrupted and must try again. Players can hold between 30 and 50 points depending on the stage of the game and their level. Each goal zone can hold a certain amount of these points, and once the limit is reached, it will be destroyed. At certain times in each match, stronger wild Pokemon will appear. Defeating one of these will provide a unique effect based on which Pokemon was defeated. You just have to run the ROM file from inside the emulator to play the game.

pokemon unite version
ROM NamePokemon – Unite Version
File Size950 MB
ConsoleNintendo Switch
GenreStrategy, MOBA

How To Play Pokemon Unite Version ROM On Windows Computer

  1. You need a Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows to run this ROM so download it from the above link.
  2. Also, download the Pokemon Unite ROM file and extract the zip file to run in the emulator.
  3. Open the Nintendo Switch Emulator named YUZU on your PC and locate the ROM file from inside the emulator.
  4. Adjust the various settings like display and controls before running the game.
  5. Now click on the play button to run the game. Within a few seconds, your game will be started.

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